It is an exciting moment when you bring a new puppy into your home. That excitement can quickly turn to fear if your puppy gets sick. Unfortunately, puppies can’t tell you when they are sick. You have to monitor them to keep an eye out for illness. In order to keep your puppy healthy, keep an eye out for these five signs that your pet might be sick.

1. Changes in Appearance

One of the most noticeable signs that your puppy is sick is if he has a sudden change in appearance. Signs of sickness include if your pet loses weight or loses hair. Developing a runny or crusty nose is another sign of illness. Also, if you puppy develops bumps or other skin conditions, this is another sign of sickness.Puppy Problems - 5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Pet Might Be Sick1

2. Changes in Behavior

Because pets can’t tell you when they are sick, their behavioral cues are a very important sign to look for when you are monitoring them for illness. Heavy panting without exercising is a strong sign of illness. Loss of appetite is another thing to look for. Sleeping a lot or not sleeping much are also signs of illness. Excessive biting, scratching, or clawing at the body is another sign of illness in a pet.

3. Sneezing or CoughingSick Dog

People who have never had a puppy before are often unaware that pets can display some of the same signs of illness that human beings do. Dogs can sneeze or cough just like you do when you are sick. However, also just like you, sneezing and coughing in your dog doesn’t automatically mean he is sick. It is when the coughing and sneezing are frequent that you should be concerned about illness.

4. Gum Color

If this is your first dog, you should take a look at your puppy’s gums while he is healthy. A healthy dog will have pink gums. If your puppy’s gums turn blue, grey, white or yellow, it is a strong sign of illness.

5. Eye Problems

The eyes are a good place to look if you are concerned your pet might be ill. If your puppy has dry eyes, red eyes or crusty eyes, then you should be concerned about illness. As eye problems can be very serious, you should take your pet to an Animal Emergency and Surgical Center immediately if you suspect it might have an injury or sickness.

When you know the signs of illness in dogs, you will be able to get your puppy help when he needs it. Whenever you detect signs of illness in your pet, you should take him into a vet to rule out any serious diseases. This will prevent you from having to experience watching your pet suffer needlessly.

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