One of the most exciting areas of research is medical research. It is the development of new drugs, treatments and medical equipment that allows people to live longer and fuller lives free of pain brought on by disease and injuries. The medical world is continually evolving. As it evolves, people’s lives are improved by new medical innovations and processes. Below are a few examples.

Digestible Sensors

In the past, placing sensors into the human body was a very intrusive process. Either a long instrument had to be placed in through an opening or the body and to actually be cut open. That is no longer the case thanks to sensors that were introduced several years ago that can simply be swallowed by the patient. Amazingly, these sensors are equipped with Wi-Fi and are able to wirelessly transmit information to doctors from directly inside the body.

Cloud Powered Medical Records

Sometime ago, when you switched doctors, medical records has to be faxed over to the new physician. This process was cumbersome and ridden with human error. Today, however, medical records can be stored in cloud server space. This can allow any doctor, surgeon, nurse or specialist to access your complete medical records as needed. Immediate access to this kind of information can certainly save patients’ lives.

High Tech Laboratory Equipment

Medical progress happens in tandem with improvement of the technology and equipment available to research scientists in medical laboratories. For example, improvement in the design of laboratory stirrers and mixers contributes to the efficacy of medical lab tests. Thanks to improved lab technology, the complete sequence of human genomes was discovered. There is virtually no limit to how this information could be applied to fight disease.

Microchip Modeling

One huge breakthrough in medical research happened due to the application of microchips in medical clinical trials. These microchips can be programmed to simulate the function of different organs and entire body systems. The goal of adapting microchips towards this purpose is easy to understand. If clinical trials can be successfully produced in a microchip, there will be no more need for medical testing to be performed on humans and animals. Less humans and animals will be harmed as a result.

Medicine, medical technology and medical treatment continues to improve at blinding speed. This progress will help scientists better understand the human body and help doctors provide patients with better medical care that will greatly improve their lives.

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