There are a couple of things that will make a person sick: weak immune systems and either bacteria or viruses. Bacteria can be found anywhere at any time, but viruses tend to thrive when the weather begins to get cooler, and they continue to thrive in the colder months. This is also the time when children head back to school. There are some methods to avoid some amount of sickness, although.


Hand and Body Washing

It’s important that children develop a habit of washing their hands early on. Small children who go to preschool and kindergarten are more likely to get sick from others because they tend to have poor hand-washing habits. They are also more likely to touch their eyes, ears and mouths right after coming into contact with others who are sick. Encourage them to wash their hands frequently. Also, it’s a good idea to have them take their showers or baths immediately after school. Viruses tend to survive on surfaces and people between a few hours and a few days.


Carpet Cleaning

Allergens in the carpet and elsewhere in the home lower the immune system. It’s important to have a thorough carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year. The immune system cannot distinguish between viruses, bacteria or other foreign bodies. The immune system kicks into high gear to fight these foreign bodies. Allergens can cause respiratory issues and rashes, but they also cause the body to become fatigued. This means that people, including children, who are exposed to allergens are more likely to get sick from viruses because their immune systems are weaker.


Combatting Stress

Stress lowers the immune system. This means that children need to have their stress relieved, but it’s important for parents and other adults to take care of their stress as well. When a parent or another adult has been exposed to stress, such as what can occur from personal injury, the immune system can be weakened. This indirectly affects children. A way to combat stress is to deal with the issue causing stress and to resolve it. For instance, contacting Toledo personal injury lawyers is a way to combat the stress caused by personal injury. Relaxation is also important as this too relieves stress. Take time to have fun with the children because this can help improve their immune systems.



It’s impossible to avoid all sickness, but by following the tips above, the home and family are likely to experience better health. Just make sure that you are taking all the precautionary measures you can to help keep your kids happy and healthy.

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