Often right after announcing a pregnancy, women get overloaded with information and advice. You’ll always want to listen to directions from your doctor, but sometimes well-meaning friends and family supply you with inaccurate information. There are many myths surrounding pregnancy health that perhaps don’t apply to you, and you won’t have to worry about. Here are just a few to disregard.

Six Pregnancy Health Myths You Don't Have to Stress About
Myth: You Have To Eat For Two

Fact: A pregnant women only needs to eat about 300 extra calories per day in order to support her baby’s growth. If a woman eats too much while pregnant, she will likely gain a lot more than the recommended 25 to 35 pounds. Women who gain more than 50 pounds during their pregnancy are at a greater risk for developing pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes.

Myth: You Cannot Eat Fish
Fact: Two servings of fish per week can actually help keep both mom and baby healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids which are found in many types of fish, can also help support the baby’s brain development and vision. However, there are certain types of fish pregnant women should avoid because of the high levels of mercury. Tilefish, shark, and swordfish are just a few examples of some of the types of fish you will need to avoid.

Myth: You Should Not Exercise
Fact: You can exercise all you want while pregnant as long as your doctor says it is okay and you feel well. In fact, exercise is great for mom and baby. Women who exercise during pregnancy typically have easier labors and are able to recover from the delivery faster. Exercise can also help improve the baby’s heart health.

Myth: You Have to Get Rid of Your Cat
Fact: Cats are not going to hurt you or a growing fetus. However, you should have someone else change the litter box. Toxoplasmosis, which is a parasitic infection, can be transmitted via cat feces and pregnant women are sometimes more susceptible.

Myth: You Cannot Eat Hot Dogs
Fact: You can still eat hot dogs, but you will need to make sure it is well-cooked. Consuming undercooked meat can be very harmful for pregnant women and growing babies.

Myth: Cocoa Butter Will Prevent You From Getting Stretch Marks
Fact: Stretch marks are unpleasant tradeoffs that can come with being pregnant. Many people believe that cocoa butter can prevent stretch mark, but it’s not true for everyone.

Another myth is that pregnancy will automatically result in stretch marks or varicose veins. But according to Ivein, a Utah varicose vein center, that’s not necessarily true either. Sometimes pregnancy can aggravate existing varicose veins, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get them.


Being pregnant can be a stressful time, and when you receive inaccurate information, it can make it even more so. Know the facts and don’t worry about some of these common myths.


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