It is the summer months, and your skin is going to be in for it this year. That is to say, unless you take measures to prevent the onset of heat-related skin problems. Sure, you may have blamed these problems on genetics or a similar reason, but heat is the real culprit. This is why these problems do not manifest during the colder winter months. With this in mind, the following are some natural ways you can avoid heat-related skin problems this year.

Drying Off after a Shower

If you live in a really hot climate, then a shower can actually be a source of heat-related skin problems. One reason for this is because it can be very difficult to completely dry off in a warm climate. For men especially, this can produce a problem with itchy skin in the groin area. After toweling off, it is often a good idea to continue drying in front of a fan. The drier you are after a shower, the less likely you will have heat-related skin issues caused from moisture that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep Dry

Sweating during the summer months can lead to problems with heat rash. If you are overweight, then you are at a much greater risk for heat rash. Friction from skin rubbing against skin, a common problem overweight people suffer with, is one of the major causes of continued heat rash and skin irritation. Losing weight can effectively reduce instances of heat rash. Also, keeping dry, either by air drying or using moisture absorbing powder that contains all natural ingredients, will help to mitigate this type of heat-related skin problem too. Another thing heat can cause is acne, due to sweat mixing with the oils in your skin. Blot sweat from your skin rather than wiping it, as this may irritate your skin.

Staying Inside

Another heat-related skin problem is a sunburn. As heat from the sun reaches your skin, it heats the skin up more and more. Eventually, exposure to all this photon-based heat will cause the skin to burn. The use of aloe and staying out of direct sunlight for a few days is generally all it takes to get a person over a sunburn. Have a technician out to do AC maintenance so you can try to stay out of the hot sun as much as you can this summer.


Heat can create problems for the skin in a number of different ways. From sweating to irritation and sunburns, your skin will have to deal with all that the climate intends to toss at it. It’s best to be proactive and prepare for heat-related issues before it’s a sweltering hot day in the summer. The better you get at avoiding the excess summer heat, the easier you will find it to be to keep your skin problems at bay.

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