Everyone wants to keep their face looking clean, fresh, and youthful, and there’s something to be said for not judging a book by its cover, but it wouldn’t be truthful to say that appearance doesn’t factor in to our views of people. Luckily there are a few ways to keep your face young and healthy without resorting to million dollar treatments. If you’d like to keep your face looking as good as you can, here are a few tips that could help you do just that.

Fountain of Youth Five Key Ways to Keep a Fresh Face

Keeping your skin looking its best starts with prevention, and one of the best ways to prevent signs of aging skin is to stick with a moisturizing routine. There are tons of various moisturizers on the market, many of which are designed to target specific skin types or help address specific skin issues. When you find the one that works for you, get into the habit of apply it at least during the nighttime. Your skin will be more hydrated, and more hydration means fewer wrinkles.

Use Sunscreen
No matter how much or how little sun your environment gets, it’s vital you apply an adequate facial sunscreen before exposing yourself to the elements. Moderate levels of exposure to the sun’s UV rays can take a heavy toll on your face, increasing wrinkles and signs of aging dramatically. If you know you’ll be out on a sunny day, make sure to put on some sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Excessive sun can also have an effect on the veins in your face and hands. Getting spider vein treatment is just one way you’ll be able to avoid looking older than you really are.

Avoid Excessive Amounts of Alcohol
There’s sound evidence that low levels of alcohol consumption can have therapeutic effects, but excessive consumption can add on years of wear to your face. If you want to avoid the negative effects that alcohol can have, limit your consumption to no more than two alcoholic beverages per night. You’ll still get the beneficial aspects, but it won’t disrupt your youthful glow.

Ditch Junk Food
Just like with alcohol, the things you put in your body will have some degree of an effect on your exterior. If you reduce or completely cut out processed, unhealthy foods from your diet, an increase in your skin’s vitality will be one of the many benefits you will notice. By replacing junk food with healthier alternatives in your diet, you can rest assured knowing that your body will be performing and looking at its best!

Watch Out for Tobacco Smoke
It’s no secret that tobacco smoke wreaks havoc on countless parts of your body, but the main area you can visibly see its effects are on your face. Tobacco smoke is notorious for causing premature aging in the form of yellow skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores and bags under your eyes. Even if you don’t personally smoke, secondhand smoke can do the job just as well!

It’s important to remember that having a fresh face isn’t reserved only for the wealthy or genetically fortunate. With a few simple lifestyle changes, you can be looking your best at all times!

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