Losing weight successfully is a real achievement. Something you have to remember is that returning to old habits afterwards could undo everything you gained. You need to look ahead and develop sustainable fitness habits. Here are diet and exercise tips to last a lifetime.

Make Portion Control Instinctual

Start by making portion control something instinctual whenever you eat. Learn to visually estimate portion sizes for various types of foods like starches and proteins. Use smaller plates, silverware and other containers to increase the visual sizes of portions. If you are innately controlling your portions, then you can easily avoid problems with overeating.

Find Enjoyable Activities to Keep You Moving

Find enjoyable activities to keep you moving every day or two. You need to remain active for the rest of your life to maintain good fitness. This is easiest when you find something active to do that you love. These are things like gardening, woodworking or even just walking through neighborhoods to see friends or landmarks.

Health and Fitness Discoveries

What experts and researchers understand about health and fitness often changes. You need to stay educated about the latest health and fitness discoveries. Those discoveries might change your diet or exercise routines. You could do this by earning a master’s degree in aging to learn the latest science. You could also diligently follow the news and publications from reliable sources.

Be Conscious of Your Fiber and Vitamin Intake

You need to always be conscious of your fiber and vitamin intake every day or week. Make this just something you think about while eating or getting up in the morning. You need to eat a good amount of fiber and get all the vitamins you need. This will help you to maintain a healthy and robust metabolism. That will make it much simpler to stay healthy for an entire lifetime.

Drink Water All Day Long

A final tip is to make carrying and drinking water all day long something you do naturally. Always have water bottles handy and ready to go. Sip at the water throughout the day. Try to take a drink every 20 minutes. Water is critical for your metabolism. It also suppresses hunger and helps to remove dangerous substances from your body.

You really need to commit to living a healthy lifestyle after you achieve your initial fitness goals. This means integrating healthy habits into your routines and making them something that is just part of life. These tips will help you to sustain a good diet and exercise routine for a whole lifetime.


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