Alcoholism is the most prevalent addiction in the United States, affecting over 12 million people. While the costs to the country’s health and social support systems are great, the worst damage occurs on a much more personal level. Chronic over-consumption of alcohol poses many problems with health, relationships, self-esteem, and everyday life. It can even result in difficulties with the law. When facing a serious alcohol addiction, things can go downhill quickly. If you fear that your drinking problem is destroying your life, here are some ways you can start helping yourself.

Alcohol Addiction How You Can Help Yourself

Say No

Now that you’ve decided to get sober, the first thing to do is get alcohol out of your life. However, it’s not medically recommended to quit immediately. For long-term, or very heavy drinkers, this presents a very real risk of seizures, a potentially fatal withdrawal symptom. Instead, consumption should be tapered off slowly, preferably under responsible supervision. After that, make an effort to keep all alcohol out of your house.


Involve Loved Ones

Your friends and family care for you, and they don’t want to see you suffer. Because kicking an addiction is a physically and emotionally intense process, it’s important to surround yourself by love and support. Talk to your loved ones about your feelings, especially when you find yourself craving a drink. It’s amazing how talking things out with someone can reduce stress levels, and therefore the urge to drink.



The sooner you get the alcohol’s toxins out of your system, the better you’ll feel. Many experts recommend that addict go through a period of detoxification in order to speed recovery and minimize cravings. There are many ways to perform a self-detox, but one of the best methods to cleanse and detoxify the liver is by using products from or from a qualified physician.


Practice Avoidance

In order to reduce the likelihood of a relapse, it’s important to practice avoidance. Steer clear of anything you associate with your drinking days, such as certain people or places. You should also avoid going places where you know alcohol use will be prevalent, like parties, night clubs, restaurants with bars, or sporting events. You may have the strength to ultimately say no, but by taking care to stay away from these things, you make it easier on yourself.


Know When to Seek Help

Not everyone can beat an addiction on their own, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, we all need a little outside help. If you’re finding it too difficult to quit on your own, there’s nothing wrong with checking into a rehabilitation program and getting help whenever you can.


Alcoholism doesn’t have to be the defining force in your life. Make changes where you can to feel better and to start on your road to recovery. Use these tips when you feel confident in taking control of your addiction.

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