6 Signs You Need an Emergency Dental Visit

Each of us is only equipped with a single complete set of teeth, and it’s important to your overall well-being that you take good care of them. Just as you would take a quick trip to the emergency room if you broke an arm or a leg, you should never hesitate to call your dentist for an emergency dental visit if you suffer from any of these dental-related problems.

1. Bleeding Gums
While it is not uncommon to get bleeding gums from over-brushing or flossing too hard in a certain area, it is not normal for your gums to bleed in a persistent manner. According to C U Smile Dental Care, this is often an indicator of gingivitis, which may lead to extensive tooth damage, the loss of teeth and a severe infection that may spread throughout your body.

2. Tooth Abscess

This occurs when pus forms in the tooth area due to a bacterial infection and can lead to complications so serious that they could become life-threatening if left untreated. Suspect this condition if you experience a severe toothache accompanied by fever and the swelling of your face.

3. Missing Tooth

If you get your tooth knocked out, then you should know it’s possible to have it successfully re-implanted if you get to the dentist right away. To keep the tooth as viable as possible, you should place it in a cup of milk until you get to the dentist.

4. Loose Tooth

Sometimes, you may be involved in a mishap that doesn’t quite knock your teeth out, but you may find one or more of your teeth hanging in your mouth at a strange angle. Your dentist can often splint the loose tooth so that it will be held in place and has the opportunity to heal properly.

5. Dry Socket

In most cases, a tooth extraction is a successful procedure with little or no real complications. Unfortunately, dry socket does effect some people who have had a tooth pulled. This occurs when the tooth socket doesn’t begin to heal properly and the bone and nerves are left completely exposed to the elements. The resulting severe pain and infection can be treated by a trip back to your dentist.

6. Broken Braces

A pair of busted braces can prove extremely dangerous to your mouth. Snapped wires can cause damage and bleeding to your gums, tongue, lips and other areas inside the mouth. Additionally, a piece of wire that snaps off can be swallowed or even inhaled into your lungs.

While you can’t always forestall the need for an emergency dental visit, you can definitely minimize the possibility of the need for this sort of visit by making sure that you see your dentist for regular check-ups twice a year. These regular visits will most likely serve to catch any problems early, and you can get them taken care of before they turn into an emergency situation.


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