In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the healthcare industry fuelled by an increasing population and the rising number of the aged. The industry continues to grow to meet ever-increasing demands for its services meaning that there are excellent career opportunities in this vast and varied sector.

Of all the roles in the healthcare industry, care work is one of the most challenging and rewarding. It requires people from a range of educational backgrounds but, above all, compassionate and understanding individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of those who need them. Those in Care Worker Jobs also need to be friendly and patient. If this sounds like you, then there are five good reasons why care work could be just the job for you:

1. Job satisfaction – There can be little more satisfying than knowing that everything you do at work is helping to make life better for someone else, especially someone who is vulnerable. As a care worker, you will be there to act as a friend, aide and shoulder to lean on for people who for whatever reason – age, physical disability, mental disability – are not in a position to help themselves. You will be helping them lead their lives with dignity and self-respect.

2. The challenge – Every day as a care worker you will face new problems and difficulties. No two days will be the same. You may have to help someone with a pension problem or maybe resolve a dispute between two rest home residents. Whatever the issue, it will be your responsibility to see that these hurdles are overcome quickly and efficiently with the minimum disruption and stress caused to those in your care.

3. Excellent prospects – You can enter care work with only basic numeracy and literacy skills. In most instances, employers will offer you on-the-job training that will lead to more responsible roles. With experience and if you achieve the right qualifications you will have the opportunity to advance to more senior positions. Care workers are also paid at competitive rates that depend on role and experience. The healthcare industry continues to grow so employment prospects are good no matter where you are in the country.

4. Variety – Care work is enormously varied, each role being vitally important to those in need. You may, for example, be working in a rest home helping the aged and infirm. You will help with clothing, washing and feeding them and will assist with their personal hygiene. Or, you may be caring for individuals in their own homes, assisting with household chores and personal care, as you help them live as independently as possible.

5. Hands on – Care work is a job in which you will always be active. You will be in close contact with your clients (those you are helping) and will be giving practical assistance when necessary. Even as you progress in your career, you are highly unlikely to be ‘desk bound’.

If you are caring and eager to help the vulnerable in society, then you should consider a job in care work. There can be few jobs that have so much to offer someone like you.

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