Soreness in the neck or shoulder is a common problem that can be an ongoing issue. Pain and stiffness may impede movement and prevent you from performing your everyday tasks. These problems can be caused by tension, and they can lead to chronic discomfort and lack of flexibility. A number of measures can help to reduce this tension and discomfort in the neck and shoulder areas.

Hot Compresses

Heat is a frequently recommended treatment for muscle tension because it helps to relax muscles and improve circulation to affected areas. A heating pad, available at your local pharmacy, is an easy way to apply heat to relieve shoulder or neck pain. A variety of gel-packs are available that can be warmed in the microwave and applied to painful areas. Carefully test the temperature of the hot pack to avoid skin burns.

Chiropractic Care

Sustained tension can cause the muscles, tendons and ligaments to contract abnormally, leading to pain and lack of mobility. Chiropractic care can re-align the bones of the upper spine to allow more normal movement of the structures. Proper alignment can also help to relieve pain and improve flexibility.

Massage Therapy

Conventional medicine has recognized the value of massage therapy for relieving pain and improving physical function. The techniques performed by a trained massage therapist helps to improve circulation, which bring pain-relieving chemicals released by the body to the affected areas and also carries important nutrients involved in healing. A few sessions with a trained massage therapist at a place like Burgman Chiropractic Clinic can be beneficial in relieving neck and shoulder pain caused by tension.


In some cases, it can be helpful to wear a brace on neck to support the delicate structures and allow healing of soft tissues. Immobilizing the shoulder can have the same effect, allowing muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues to rest to improve healing. A variety of different types of braces are available. Your physician can advise you on the best type for your needs.

If your job involves sitting at the computer throughout the day, you may experience neck pain and stiffness. Work tasks that involve repetitive movements throughout the day can result in chronic shoulder pain. These problems will respond well to remedies, if you begin treatment quickly and continue it for a sustained period of time. Try these 4 remedies, and you will see a dramatic difference in your neck and shoulder discomfort.


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