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Contact lenses are another option for persons who have problems in seeing. Aside from correcting vision, it is also used in aesthetic, fashion and therapeutic reasons.  Medically, contact lenses are plastic lenses that are slipped on the person’s cornea.  Hence, since it sits on the cornea, proper measurement should be done by highly skilled optometrists. Aside from that, it is comfortably worn and has a lot of types. It is a versatile medical device that can be worn by anybody.

Contact Lenses Historical Beginnings

Contact lenses historically started during the 15th century. It was the famous Leonardo da Vinci who was the one who first illustrated the concept of contact lens.  It was in the year 1887 that the first ever made contact lenses where first manufactured and fitted that covers the entire eye. Back then, the contact lenses were made from glasses. It later on evolved into plastics on the year 1939. Then, at the year 1948 it reduced its size to cover the cornea area of the eye. Recently, contact lenses have evolved into a high technology medical device. Today, we already have a custom manufactured silicon hydrogen type of contact lenses that can be purchased and is available in the market.

Importance of contact lenses

Especially when you are having visual problems, contact lenses are important. Usually, prior to the wearing of the contact lenses, the physician who is medically termed as ophthalmologist will examine the person’s eyes whether they are fit to wear contact lenses. There are generally two types of contact lenses which are soft and rigid contact lenses which have different kinds of indications and usages.

Which is the best place to get contact lenses?

As mentioned there are many types of contact lenses which may make you confused what type of contact lenses should be right for you. Aside from that, some will even provide low class contact lenses which may not be a good investment for you.  In preventing that, you need to research about it. You have to determine your options to be able to distinguish what are your choices.

At GetLenses, they provide a variety of contact lenses that are of made from high standards. They are a company that supplies toric, monthly, extended wear, coloured, daily and 2 weekly types of contact lenses. Many persons will turn to them because they provide prices that match UK suppliers of contact lenses. Aside from that, they supply also identical form of contact lenses. With them, they also provide inexpensive, high quality kinds of contact lenses that have complete types of contact lenses which you could not get from other company.

In addition, they have 1 day Acuvue Moist, Acuvue Oasys, Focus Dailies All Day Comfort, 1Day Acuvue Trueye, or SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses. These are often the best selling types of contact lenses. You don’t have to fuzz about its durability for they assure you that their contact lenses are made from original manufacturers with lower prices and affordable prices.

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