As winter slowly makes its approach, many people are beginning to feel the loss of moisture in the air. With crisp evenings comes cracking skin and eyes. However, you can fight the discomfort that comes with dry eyes each and every winter by doing these six things:

Add in the Moisture

A prescription is not required in order to get effective eye drops that will moisturize during dry conditions. Artificial tears are a great way to battle the dry cold that comes your way. Explore the huge variety of options on the open market and find relief that is right for you. Drops that are free of preservatives can be particularly effective when you want to apply them as few times a day as possible.

Moisturize from the Inside Out

According to the experts at Visivite, the right supplement can aid your eyes in producing moisture as well. Taking vitamin formulas that are specifically designed to aid eyes in every function that they must carry out, including tear production, is essential. Take supplements with antioxidants and zinc, and your eyes will have added strength they need when conditions become uncomfortable.

Rest When Needed

Eyes can also struggle to produce moisture when they are overworked, especially in already dry conditions. Activities such as watching television, using computers, and anything else that causes strain on your eyes will weaken the muscles over time. It is important to allow your eyes time to relax throughout the day in order for them to stay on top of hydration.


The dry conditions of winter make an impact both indoors and outdoors. Create a more welcoming environment for moisture in your home by using a humidifier on a regular basis. Your eyes will dry out less quickly and breathing will be less strained as well. Homes using radiators for heating can place pans of water on the unit in order to increase the moisture content in the air as well.

Change Your Diet

The eyes benefit from receiving plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly when it comes to staying hydrated. During the winter, increase your consumption of fish and flax seed in order to give your eyes the boost that they need to stay as moisturized as possible.

Nurture Your Eyes

Part of keeping your eyes healthy involves the release of natural oils from the skin surrounding the eyes themselves. You can encourage this process by massaging the eyelids and periodically relaxing them while covered with a warm compress. Baby shampoo has also been shown to be beneficial in this area. As the glands release more oil, the effectiveness and quantity of tears that your eye is capable of releasing is increased.

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