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Today, more than 225 million Americans, which is 75 percent of the population, need corrective lenses due to vision problems. This is a 50 percent increase from just 30 years ago. You may be surprised to learn that your activities and behaviors could be a leading factor in why you need glasses or contacts. These top seven things could be what’s damaging your vision.

Focused Staring

While focusing on your computer or book may boost your productivity at work, it could also be damaging your vision. Your eyes blink half as frequently while you’re staring at an object. Less blinking means drier eyes, which can damage the lens.


Ultraviolet rays from the sun enter the vehicle while you’re driving. The UV rays damage your eyes if you’re not wearing protective sunglasses. Even tinted windows won’t block the sun’s rays.

Tobacco Use

Using chew, snuff or cigarettes leads to macular degeneration of the eyes. Over time, macular generation causes blindness. Stopping the use of tobacco can halt damage to the eyes.

Contact Sports

Playing contact sports without wearing a helmet can result in head injuries that damage the delicate nerves that serve the eyes. Even one tackle can be enough to do significant damage.

Sharing Personal Items

Sharing towels, clothing or other personal effects can spread bacteria and viruses that cause eye infections. One commonly spread infection is pink eye. Untreated eye infections can damage the retina, lens and nerves within the eye and cause vision damage or loss.


Hairspray, spray-on deodorant, perfume and other aerosols can get droplets of chemicals into your eyes. These chemicals can irritate the eye leading to pain, burning, watering and loss of vision with frequent exposure.


Using cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara or eyeshadow can get fine particles into your eyes. Improper technique when applying these products could also result in an eye injury. The ingredients in some cosmetics could harm your vision over years of regular use.

If you’ve noticed vision problems while driving, reading, using a computer or in other situations, an eye exam from a certified ophthalmologist can determine whether your eyes are damaged. You can get an eye exam at your physician’s office, at a health clinic or an ophthalmology practice such as Optometrists’ Clinic Inc. Regular eye exams are important even if you haven’t noticed obvious changes in your vision.

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