ophthalmic  Examination

Whilst many people in Britain will visit their GPs and dentists regularly, the opticians can often be overlooked and forgotten about. But the need for regular eye examinations is very important even from a very young age.

Understanding the health of your eyes is something that should never be overlooked and if you have children, it’s important that they are tested regularly too. Children with poor eyesight can struggle to concentrate in school and adults who suffer from poor eyesight may find everyday tasks difficult and uncomfortable.

Knowing whether you need prescription lenses or not is the reason why people usually visit their optometrist.

Here are other reasons for getting an eye test every year:

1. Safety for driving

1 in 3 drivers who do not wear glasses for driving would fail an eye test. These statistics are scary to say the least. Not only is driving without your glasses when you are short sighted illegal, but it’s also very dangerous to others on the road as well as yourself and your passengers. Drivers are legally required to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres to be safe for our roads. If you fail to wear your glasses in an accident, your insurance will become invalid.

2. Concentrating at work

whether you’re in school or at work, concentrating on presentations or computer screens can become very uncomfortable. But many people don’t even realise that they have any eye problems as it may only be at a minor level. Regular eye tests will keep your prescription updated so you can have the best visual aids possible.

3. Health check for medical conditions

your eye test will not only tell you whether you need to be wearing glasses, but it can help an optometrist detect any other medical conditions you may have.  Your eyes can reveal a lot about your general health and opticians will be able to get early warning signs for anything from hypertension, eye tumours, diabetes or even high blood pressure, making your eye examination absolutely essential.

4. Get checked for eye diseases

eye diseases are not always easy to detect and sometimes it’s too late when you finally discover what the problem is. A regular eye examination every year will ensure that you get a full eye health check up from your optometrist, looking at all aspects of vision as well as your overall eye health. This is very important as an early detection of an eye problem can prevent permanent vision loss.

5. Get the right glasses for the whole family

it’s not just you who needs to get checked out for prescription glasses, it’s also your children. Detecting eye problems from a young age will help to prevent further eye problems in later life and getting the right glasses will help young children perform better in their classes at school.  Very often, concentration problems come down to poor eyesight so testing for this when your children start school is recommended for parents.

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