If you have a difficult eye condition, such as severe nearsightedness, you may think that you’re ineligible for comfortable contact lenses and that you’ll need to deal with annoying glasses on your face for the rest of your life. But this cannot be further from the truth. Thanks to the many advancements in contact lens technology throughout the years, the industry is now able to provide individuals with a variety of different eye conditions the opportunity to wear contact lenses that are comfortable and provide clear vision too.

Continue reading in order to learn more about some of the contacts out there today that help people with high prescriptions see the best that they possibly could.


Those who have an irregularly shaped cornea suffer with astigmatism. The condition results in blurry vision because the eye is shaped more like a football rather than a round basketball. In the past, the only option for people with astigmatism was rigid contact lenses, but these can be quite uncomfortable. But today, people who suffer with any level of astigmatism can find a doctor who will be able to fit them with a pair of comfortable soft lenses.

Toric lenses are the solution for those suffering with astigmatism. The lenses work by allowing a weight on one end to hold the lens in place every time that you blink. Otherwise, the lens would spin off-center and cause your vision to blur. The weight is simply a thicker area in the lens that you cannot even feel. With so many manufacturers and so many different types of toric lenses, you can work with your eye care professional to determine the lenses that are best for your unique eyes.


Keratoconus is almost like an extreme form of astigmatism, in which the cornea changes shape over time, becoming more like a cone as the years pass and the cornea thins. This makes blurry vision even worse and may even create a glare in the visual field, as well as sensitivity to light.

Custom-fit soft contact lenses are available for this condition, in addition to hybrid lenses and hard lenses. Some doctors may even have people with difficult cases of keratoconus wear a soft contact lens under a hard lens in order to provide enough comfort and the best visual correction possible.


Presbyopia is a common eye condition that affects people as they age. Blurred vision begins to occur when viewing objects that are just a short distance away from the face, such as a menu at a restaurant, a book at home, or a sewing machine. These individuals may never have had any eye issues before, and they may, in fact, still be able to see clearly from a distance, but now they need glasses or new contacts to correct the problem.

Bifocal contact lenses cheap are the easy solution, providing you with the crisp vision to see both faraway objects and nearby ones. The great news is that if you’re looking for disposable lenses, such as monthly contacts, there are a variety of options out there to suit your lifestyle and get you lenses that you need.

Blair Thomas is a freelance health blogger who knows what it’s like to need glasses and contact lenses to see well. She is amazed by all of the technology in the medical field today and is relieved to know that there are many eye conditions that can be corrected with the contact lenses.

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