We all get stressed out, but how you handle stress is a crucial part of life. You basically have two choices – become consumed by stress and never get anywhere, or tackle it head on, work through it, and become a better person.
Don’t let stress consume you. Use these tips to keep stress at bay and unlock the door to becoming the best person possible.

• Exercise

People are quick to assume they don’t have time to exercise. Not true. Even 20 minutes of exercise three times a week can significantly reduce your anxiety. Not only does exercise reduce your stress levels on its own, but the mere act of taking a little time for yourself goes a long way towards strengthening your grip on stressful situations.


When your boss dumps five different high-priority assignments on your desk, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s helpful to take a step back, look at the big picture and take a calculated approach. When you have a good plan, you’ll have good results, and each small step on a big journey will give you big-time confidence.

• Communicate

Nobody ever became less stress by bottling up their emotions. Talk to someone you can trust about the things that stress you out. Don’t worry about sounding petty; if it’s important enough to give you stress, it’s important enough to bring up to a close friend. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about a given issue with anyone, write about it in a journal or even an e-mail to yourself. Getting it out, whether verbally on paper, means it’s no longer just a problem in your head; instead, it’s now a real issue you can take steps to solve.

• Organize

Tranquil surroundings beget tranquil thoughts. On the other hand, messy surroundings put you ill at ease, adding to your stress levels. A clean desk at work allows you to focus on the tasks at hand instead of becoming overwhelmed by the work day. Just the same, maintaining a tidy home means you can actually relax at home instead of stressing over all the things you need to do. Plus, cleanliness inspires pride, which decreases stress and improves your overall mood.

• Rethink

Sometimes we try so hard to make changes in our lives that we end up working too hard. As a result, we end up unhappy and overly stressed. Instead of spinning your wheels, try taking a different approach. For example, if you took on extra work in an attempt to earn a raise, and the raise still hasn’t arrived, stop burning yourself out. Instead, delegate that work and help those people to reach their potential, and the raise will come in no time.

• Rest

Beating stress doesn’t always mean waging an epic battle with your stressors. It often takes just a few minutes of true quiet time to evaluate the things that stress you out and find peace in the context of those things. Take ten minutes a day to simply be alone with yourself – no TV, no music, no spouse, no kids – and the answers to your problems will come to you.


What do you do to manage your stress levels?

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About the Author: Porter Olson is a writer and blogger for UsDirect.

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