Esketamine, or ketamine is famously known as a party drug which people take to get high and ecstatic in order to enjoy to their fullest for a few hours. But this drug was on its Phase 2 track to become an antidepressant. The producer of Esketamine has now disclosed that the FDA has put the drug on fast track to approve it for sale in the market as an anti-depressant. Fast track status significantly decreases the time required for final approval, and makes the drug eligible for funding and special benefits. If approved, Esketamine will be the first ever antidepressant to be available in the market in almost 50 years. This drug will help psychologists and doctors in general treat their patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical, the maker of Esketamine, says that FDA gave a “breakthrough therapy” status to Esketamine. The drug will most likely be used to treat patients with major depressive thoughts and suicidal tendencies.

However, it is important to note that Esketamine has a special fame for its “K-hole” effects, which gives a person an out of body of near death experience, if taken in high dose. The drug first got the FDA approval for human use back in 1970, and it was used by army doctors to sedate and calm down US soldiers during the Vietnam war. It is also used as an anesthetic drug for animals.

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