Keeping a journal has been scientifically proven to be an excellent tool for managing stress. Writing allows burdens to be lifted, and thoughts and emotions that are bottled up inside can be brought out in the open. Journaling is a lot less expensive than professional therapy and can be quite successful. To start relieving stress right away, just grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing, or purchase journals with blank pages or lines to write on. There are those who may desire to keep a collection of leather journals to pass down as heirlooms to learn about family heritage. Here are some ways journaling can help to minimize stress:

Venting thoughts and feelings

Writing helps to vent negative as well as positive feelings, thoughts and emotions. Seeing feelings in writing can bring about solutions to problems and things may be seen from a different perspective.


More than just writing words on a page – journaling is a form of self-therapy to help analyze why those feelings were present or understand why things happened as they did, and can clarify solutions to problems.

Improving health issues

Journaling has been proven to strengthen the immune system, decreases symptoms of arthritis and respiratory conditions, improves cognitive functioning, and can lower blood pressure by relieving stress.


Emotional healing

Sometimes emotions run deep and are so private that no one else needs to know. Journaling helps to express those emotions privately, and deal with traumatic experiences, make difficult decisions, overcome depression, and to see the type of person that is really inside. A journal is one place where honesty abounds and is accepted without criticism or judgment.


Journals can be passed down from generation to generation after the writer has passed. Children, and even great grand-children will learn lessons from the life experiences, as well as from documented family history and events. Journaling allows immortality in a sense, and helps people remember events and details from long ago that may have been long forgotten. Once a thought is written, it becomes significant!

Organize thoughts

Journaling on a daily basis helps improve writing and organizational skills, and helps to organize thoughts when things seem jumbled and confusing.


So, pick up a pen and some paper, and start writing – about anything and everything. Start with one thought or sentence. Don’t be surprised when going back to read what was written and the positive changes that journaling made over the years.

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