There are many things in life that cause people to be stressed and although the source on one’s stress varies from person to person, there are common ways everyone can reduce stress. Below are five stress reducing activities that can be done in the comfort of your home.


Create a Quiet Zone


This should be a small area in your home with no telephones, televisions, or bright lights. Have a comfortable chair to sit on with a small lamp and anything else that you find calming; candle, soothing music, etc… Each day try to spend 10 minutes in the quiet zone, just sitting there with your eyes closed and allowing your mind to clear itself.




Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. A quick fifteen minute yoga video or twenty minute mixed exercise routine will help your body control both heart and breathing functions and allow you to feel rejuvenated when you are done.


Relax Your Muscles


By taking a warm bath or relaxing in a hot tub, the muscles in your body will relax naturally due to the heat. This time alone also allows you to clear your mind and focus on more positive and happy thoughts. If you have very stressful job, consider getting a hot tub with different massage settings to have a truly stress-free place in the privacy and comfort of your home.


Play with Your Pet


By playing with your pet or going for a walk with your dog, you can reduce stress and possibly burn some calories as well. Dogs are especially loyal and can usually sense when their owners are stressed. A little tug-of-war or game of toss will help you stop thinking about the things that stress you out and instead focus on the joy your pet brings you. After playing or walking, consider just sitting and brushing your pet. Many pets enjoy the attention and many pet owners find it to be relaxing as well.


Write in a Journal


Write about your feelings, about what is causing you stress, and for each thing that stresses you, write something that makes you happy in your life. Spend time visualizing those things that make you happy. When you are done writing, close the journal and imagine closing out the stressful things and only keeping with you the happy things.

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