Five Reasons for the Rising Cost of Medical Care










One of the biggest challenges facing the country today is the rising cost of medical care. The cost of medical care today is much higher than it was decades ago, which has made it very unaffordable for many people to get the best care available. There are five significant reasons why the cost of medical care has continued to increase.

Aging Population

One of the biggest contributors to the overall increase in medical costs is that there is an aging population. As people continue to live longer, the average age of a person in the country continues to increase. Since older people require more medical attention and care, the average cost to care for a person is continuing to increase. This cost is then passed on to the insurance providers, which leads to higher costs for everyone.


Another reason why medical costs are continuing to increase is due to the prevalence of lawsuits. The rate of medical malpractice and other similar lawsuits has continued to stay high. These lawsuits frequently have judgments that are in the millions of dollars, which requires doctors, hospitals, and other care providers to carry very hefty liability insurance policies. The cost of the insurance is then ultimately passed on to consumers.

Cost of Drugs

Pharmaceuticals have continued to advance significantly over the past decade. While drugs today are very powerful and can cure a wide range of diseases, they are very expensive to manufacture and have approved by the FDA.

Advanced Surgeries

Similar to advancements in the pharmaceuticals, there has been significant advancement in surgeries and other medical procedures. Hospitals today are fully equipped with robotic and lasers, which can safely and effectively complete surgeries that used to be far more invasive. While the way to do these procedures may be much easier and safer, it is more expensive and the cost is ultimately passed on to the insurance companies and the consumers.

Administrative Challenges

Administrative challenges have continued to keep the cost of medical care high. Billing insurance companies has become a very challenging process, which if done incorrectly could cost a medical provider significantly. Medical billing companies in Utah and other states spend a considerable amount of time and money to ensure that medical bills are filled out properly prior to submission.


In conclusion, the cost of medical care has continued to rise rapidly over the past decade, which has made getting the best care possible very challenging for many people. There are five key reasons why medical care has continued to increase.

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