It can be difficult to tell when everyday aches and pains are actually symptoms of serious medical problems. Unfortunately, feeling relatively healthy is not the same as being healthy, and this is why everyone should keep an eye out for these common health symptoms that could indicate a serious medical condition requires attention.

Weakness of the Arms and LegsPatient in reception area of
Having a sudden feeling as if your limbs are weak or it becomes difficult to move them most likely means that there is an issue with your blood flow. While it could be something as simple as a pinched nerve that will go away within moments, any time that this lasts for more than a few minutes could mean that your heart is not pumping enough blood.

Discolored Stool and Urine
Any sudden changes to the color of one’s urine or stool is a sign that there is something wrong in their gastrointestinal system. This often changes when the body is flushing out a virus or bacteria, but anything that resembles blood in the urine or stool must be tested immediately as it may be a problem such as kidney stones or cancer.

Severe Headaches
Headaches often take place when a person is feeling dehydrated, their blood sugar is low, or even when they have the flu. The key to understanding if a headache requires medical attention is to gauge its severity and any secondary side effects. If the headache leaves you unable to think clearly or is accompanied by drowsiness or a loss of balance, then you must seek out help immediately.

Painful Varicose Veins
Varicose veins take place when a vein becomes twisted, folds over, or is pinched in some manner. In most instances these veins are not dangerous to the individual, but they could be the result of a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency that may lead to ulcers and clots. At the very least, the veins can be tested and treated with expert superior care by injections or a laser.

Ongoing Depression
Much like physical symptoms, it is also important to keep an eye out for psychological warning signs that a problem is taking place. While everyone will feel sad at various points in their life, ongoing feelings of loneliness and despair could actually be a sign of clinical depression that requires professional treatment.

No one ever wants to wonder ‘what if’ when it comes to their health. Recognizing these few symptoms and checking on them immediately will at the very least put your mind at rest.


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