Stress is something that will affect people at one point in their lives. Strangely, you will notice stress creeping up on your friend. People often shrug stress and dismiss it as a sign of weakness. It will be hard to tell your friend that he or she is under stress because he may take your concern negatively. When you decide to help your friend about the stress and anxiety that he or she is suffering, it is important to show utmost tact and sensitivity. Show your support all the way and point to your friend that stress is a serious issue. If you are groping how to tell your friend about stress here are some tips you can use.

Face the problem seriously

Never take the problem for granted and approach the issue with utmost seriousness. Don’t treat the problem with a tongue in cheek and be sensitive to the needs of your friend. Listen to your friend to seek the reasons why he or she is feeling a lot of stress. Try to sort out things and help your friend make sense of the world. Your friend is depending on you during this time that is why you need to be sensitive and treat your friend with much respect and genuine concern. Showing that you care will make your friend open up to you and help him become more honest about her or his feelings.

Make your friend feel better

These feelings of stress and anxiety can be happening for a long time and could have been causing a lot of inconvenience. The last thing your friend needs at this point in time is more sources of stress and anxiety. Try to cheer your friend up by bringing him or her to dinner or watch a movie together with other friends. Help your friend by distracting him or her from the stressors; if it is helpful. Don’t feel slighted if your friend refuses your help; be understanding but try to invite your friend incessantly.

Step up to the plate

If you feel that your friend would allow it, volunteer to take some of your stressed friend’s chores. Helping your friend go through the tough times will help a lot. Ask if you can buy him or her some lunch or even a cup of coffee. Offer to walk his or her dog or do the dirty laundry for her. The friend will be appreciative of the effort that you are showing, which speaks volume on how much you care about his or her predicament.

Show great support

If your friend thinks that stress is a non-issue then don’t force it. Allow your friend to acknowledge its impact on his or her life and never waiver in your support. It takes time before people will acknowledge the issue so just be patient.

Listen to your friend

Lending an ear to a friend will go a long way. Sometimes you are not equipped to solve the reason that causes the stress for your friend, but you can at least listen. Listening to your friend could sometimes make a big difference. Actually, a great listener is much better than an adviser. You need not to provide the answers, a therapist can do that; but surely your friend will get a ton of love and support by just being there to listen.

Lay out the options

When you are able to get the trust of your friend, it is time to lay out the things that can help him or her further. You can point him towards the direction of resources that can help him get over the stress and its ill-effects. Help your friend find a suitable mental health specialist that can help him overcome the stress and anxiety that he is experiencing. People suffering from stress may not have the heart to find help or may become too overwhelmed to seek professional help.

Learn to support your friend in these trying times. It can be frustrating to help your friend with his problem. If you give up then your friend could have no one else to turn to. Be the shoulder that your friend can cry on and you will realize just how helpful you can be in reducing the adverse effects of stress and anxiety.

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