5 Effective Ways to Maintain your Personal Wellness

Everyone wants to be healthy, but it’s hard to stay mentally and physically fit when you don’t have a lot of time. While it’s great to spend an hour at the gym or eat only homemade, organic food, you might not have the time, so take a look at these five effective ways to maintain your personal wellness instead.

1. Wear a Pedometer

An average adult should aim to walk 10,000 steps, or about five miles, every day. Most Americans don’t meet this goal, but wearing a pedometer will help motivate you to walk more than you normally do – a study done by the Stanford University School of Medicine has shown that pedometer wearers walk an average of 2,000 steps more than people without pedometers.

2. Shop the Edges of the Grocery Store

When you’re in the store looking for a snack or something to have for supper, shop around the edges of the grocery store. This will keep you away from most of the processed food that’s high in sodium and fat. Yogurt and fruit make for a much better snack than candy and crackers.

There are also many other ways to find healthy food products. Frank Vandersloot, Melaluca CEO, along with many other companies have centered their services around selling health and wellness products.

3. Exercise

To maintain your personal wellness, the best exercise is any exercise at all – they key is to just keep moving. Walk around the block, do push-ups or sit-ups during commercials and do some yoga poses throughout the day. You can also do squats while you’re in the elevator or jumping jacks whenever you’re about to get into your car.

4. Go to Bed Early

This especially pertains to you if you’re currently trying to get by on six hours of sleep a night. The average adult needs around eight hours, but it’s been discovered that individuals need different amounts of sleep. No matter how much sleep you’re getting, you need more if you get tired during the day or have a hard time waking up.

5. Find a Good Stress-Reducer

This is different for everybody – you might find that meditation, going for a walk or writing helps you de-stress. Stress is bad for your health, so find a way to relax to maintain your personal wellness.

Maintaining your personal wellness doesn’t have to be time-consuming or hard. By using some of these simple tips, you’ll start to feel better both mentally and physically every day, and you can work on becoming healthier without drastically changing your lifestyle.

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