Cardio is important to any fitness regime as it can help tone your body as well as shed the excess pounds of fat. There is nothing more grueling than a long run in the morning, or a run on the treadmill watching monotonous television. Here are a few ways to maximize your cardio:

Tip one

Be prepared – you can be prepared for your cardio in more ways than one. Firstly, draw up a plan of what you are going to achieve and set targets. Make it progressive for the first two weeks run 2 miles and extend to two and a half the second week. Another way to be prepared is motivating yourself, in order to do this perhaps reward and incentivize yourself. Take a motivational playlist or one what will get you ready to shed the pounds; music is one of the highest motivators of all.

Tip two

Mix it up – every cardio routine should be mixed up in order to prevent tedium, here is a key acronym you should apply to all your routines.

Frequency – ensure your cardio routine is frequent and regular to get yourself in the motion of things.

Intensity – this should also be present, this does not mean full steam all week, it means sessions with a varying degrees of difficulty.

Time – how long should your routine be?

Tedium– keeps it varied to prevent you becoming bored.

Tip three

Here is another acronym to apply to all your fitness routines in order to maximize the benefits –

Specific – ensure that your routines are focused for what you want to achieve. For example, if you are training to be a jockey don’t carry out exercises to become a bigger build. Each exercise should be focusing on a specific muscle group.

Progressive – all fitness regimes should have the chance to improve and get increasingly difficult.

Overload – train more than you usually do.

Reversibility – if you stop training your fitness will wither.

Time – each routine should be for a set amount of duration.

Tip four

Make sure you are using the right equipment for the muscle you want to work. Riding a stationary bike exerts significantly less energy on your abdominals than a run would. Therefore using the treadmill or cross trainer would be a more effective solution.

Using the right form is of paramount importance in cardio, this is especially true when rowing if you do not extend your back and legs appropriately, and this means you are not pushing your body. Imagine you are doing a push up with your knees on the ground, you are not exerting enough effort, and this is a similar outcome when not maintaining your rowing form.

Tip five

Measure your progression and how you are improving. Timing yourself regularly is a great way to measure your improvement. Without knowing how long it is taking to complete a run, it makes it difficult to know when you can progress and extend the run.

Applying these rules will allow you to push your body to limit and maximize the effectiveness of your training routines. Without will power and elbow grease this will not become a reality, but by applying the rules to your training regime it bolsters your chances of becoming to specimen you desire.

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