3 Ways To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon In Your TownIf you have opted for plastic surgery, you want to take the time to find the best surgeon that money can buy. Think of it like buying a new car. You don’t want a lemon! This is a major investment in your future, you want to have optimal results when all is said and done, plus your safety is a priority. This is not a time to do bargain shopping. Do your homework and find out who has a solid reputation for success stories in the world of plastic surgery. Here are three ways to help you make your decision in choosing a plastic surgeon.

Ask your physician

Talk with your primary care doctor about the best names in town. Explain the procedure you are considering, discuss risks, and costs as well. Ask your doctor about his or her personal preference if it is time to undergo cosmetic surgery. Members of the medical community will be in the know. Also, make sure to be clear about surgeons who do not have a good track record.

Talk to friends, family, and colleagues

Word of mouth travels fast. Find people you know and trust and ask them about their experiences in plastic surgery. You’ll have much more peace of mind when you can talk with an acquaintance and see actual results. While there may be testimonials online or in the doctor’s office, it’s much easier to believe concrete examples from your next door neighbor or your best friend.

Do a comprehensive search

Use the Internet as a valuable resource to discover providers in your area. Pull up a list of the top ten that appear on the first page of your search, such as the San Diego Plastic Surgery Clinic. Visit websites, take notes, and start calling for consultations. Go with your gut when you visit each office. Pay attention to the setting in the clinic, its cleanliness, and the staff. When you meet with the surgeon, find out about his or her credentials. You can verify them through an online search at home. Be sure that you are comfortable with the surgeon and ask to see other examples of the same type of procedure that you are considering for yourself.


Changing your appearance is a major decision. With time and patience, you can find a plastic surgeon that is a good fit for you. You need to be happy and have peace of mind before doing any procedure.

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