Since antiquity, men have been trying to figure out how to attract the opposite sex for mating. It is inherent in our survival instinct; to attract females stems from the propensity to reproduce, which promises our survival and infuses in a sense of belonging. In the modern times, billions of dollars are being spent on various cosmetics, dating advices, fitness programs, flirting techniques and whatnot, just to answer the billion dollar question: what attracts women the most. Recently, a lot of scientific studies carried out in various universities have specified a whole lot of traits which are preferred by women in men. These studies pertain to the pure physical attributes. It goes without saying that emotional and personality traits such as kindness, a good sense of humor, ability to get along and being a good listener are some other, universal traits which increase your chance of impressing a female. But for this article, let’s just stick to the pure physical factors are pointed out by the scientific study. Here are the physical traits women want in you.

Being Muscular

You think people grill themselves in the gym for nothing? You think a woman going crazy for a guy with big arms and strong body is only valid for the sex movies and muscles are not that much important in real life relationships? Science says a big NO to your baseless thoughts. Women love muscular guys. Why? Because being muscular is a sign of good genes of reproduction. So renew that gym membership and start sweating if you really want to raise some eyebrows.

Facial Hair

Another study by the Australian university suggests that an intermediate level of “beardedness” attracts women. We are talking about a moderate about of facial hair, not too much, not a clean slate, of course. Facial hair have a strong correlation with masculinity, dominance and aggression, which are loved by women.

Red Color

Yes, you read that right. No wonder romans were crazy for red robes. Red color vibes status, dominance and attraction. It makes your personality shine.

Bodily Symmetry, Strong Jawline

A study conducted by the University of New Mexico suggests that women are more attracted to men with perfect bodily symmetries. The study also says that women prefer men with strong, clear jawlines. These features depict adaptability and good health.

Deep Voice

According to science, Women also love men with deep, low pitched masculine voice.

Libal Rings in Eye

Eyes are a key feature which defines your sexual attractiveness. A study shows that men with dark limbal rings stand a great chance of mating with women. These rings show virility and good health.

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A study conducted by the university of Liverpool proves that taller men have more chance of attracting women as compared to the shorter men. The study included 4500 men.

These are the scientifically proven features that make men attractive to women. Tell us what you think of these studies.


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