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Have you been in love? Want to have better health outcomes? Well, being in love and staying in love is one of the best inexpensive remedies for you to live a better life. Experts have seen that the physiological effects of feeling love are actually beneficial for the whole body and not just for heart health. The following are the proven advantages of feeling love and being loved in return:

1. Love prolongs life

The 2004 Center for Disease Control statistics presents that mortality rates are lower among married individuals. This is attributed to the fact that happily married couples are faced with lesser stress or they cope with stress better than those with no partners or those who live a sorrowful marriage. Also, a happy marriage allows men to quit undesirable vices such as smoking and alcohol drinking.

2. Love Improves Cardiovascular Health

When people are faced with less stress in life, they tend to develop better cardiovascular health because of normal blood pressure and avoidance of overeating fatty foods.  Love makes people have lesser stress; thereby, significantly reversing cardiovascular risks.

3. Love strengthens the immune system

Gian Gonzaga, a senior director at the eHarmony Labs said that couples who have healthy conflict resolution have better immune system than couples who are faced with unsettled differences. This conclusion was supported by the observation that couples who fight in a more loving way have better immunity function than those who exhibit negative behaviors during conflicts.

4. Improves physical fitness

In-love couples who exercise together were also seen to have better exercise outcomes. This is for the reason that when you are with your support system during workouts, you tend to work harder to meet your goals. Research has seen that single individuals who workout have higher dropout rates than couples who visit the gym.

5. Love lowers pain levels

For those experiencing pain, a touch of your loving partner can make you feel less pain or the one touched may feel lesser pain as well. This has been proven for years because of the effects of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. So every time you feel physical or even emotional pain, hold your partner and feel the comfort of each other.

6. Love improves the mental and emotional well-being

It is already known that love makes a person feels elated, but the effect of love is more than that. If you are in love, you have better regulation of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter for improved affect and mental well-being. Moreover, it also enhances serotonin release to help stabilize your mood.

7. Love promotes clearer skin

Staying in love or being in love reduces the stress levels of people and subsequently reduces the cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of the reasons that we get acne breakouts so staying in love may minimize acne and pimples that may erupt from your skin. Also, love makes you glow from within.

8. Making Love regulates the menstrual cycle

Eric Braverman discussed in his book the results of a study revealing that women who engage in sex at least once a week have better menstrual cycles than those who don’t engage in a healthy sex life.

All of these are indeed effects of love. So why wait for you to have a better life? Find your partner in life and stay in love for better health outcomes. If you want to know more on What is love?, visit

Marrise France is a psychologist and personal counselor. She studied BS Psychology in London and now practicing in a private counseling center in Australia. She is also doing guidance and counseling in various schools across the state of Victoria.

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