Family conflicts tend to be more intense because they mostly involve people who you are close to. A family is made up of different people who can bring potential conflicts due to cultural and political differences. We sometimes face conflicts both in our families as well as professional lives. Addressing a conflict can either make things worse or even more complicated if proper ways are not used and may create stress and frustrations over time. Therefore, instead of avoiding your problems it is better to quickly find a solution to it. There are many strategies that can be used in avoiding conflicts as well as anger management, some of them include:

  • Speak up

During conflicts or when going through a hard time, most people tend to isolate themselves from friends and relatives. Isolation from other people or keeping to yourself is not the best way to manage conflicts, it is important to open up and speak your mind about what is bothering you. Choose individuals close to you; these can be your friends, family or get help from experts. Advice from other people helps in resolving conflicts unlike keeping quiet with the problem. Keep your ego aside and discuss the issue with the concerned party and resolve any differences that exist between you two.

  • Listen

The ability to speak out towards any issue provides you with the liberty to express your thoughts and feelings. With regards to conflict resolution it is also important to listen to the other party before you air your views. It is therefore good to develop your listening skills which include hearing, understanding the problem and getting a solution to it. A mutual understanding between the two involved parties will help in resolving any existing conflicts.

  • Be assertive

Assertiveness plays an important role in conflict management. Assertiveness includes several aspects such as being confident, patient, a good listener and also positive towards life.

  • Forget it

As always said, time is the best medicine when it comes to curing wounds caused to either your mind or heart. When all strategies have failed in trying to resolve a conflict, it is advisable to maintain a distance from the person for some period of time. After some time, your wounds will heal and you will be able to forget everything that happened. If the conflict seems like it will never be resolved, then you can cut ties but if after some time both wounds are healed, then you can always meet and speak.

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