Building lasting marriage and family relationship seems to be more rare these days, yet for some it is the ideal goal to strive for. So how do you keep your relationships strong and healthy when so many sources suggest to do otherwise? If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your relationships, maybe it’s time to pull out the rusty bikes and go for a ride together.

Recreational Activities Improves Relationships

There is much debate about whether exercising with a spouse or family member will make or break the relationship. Many argue that attempts to exercise with a spouse are unsuccessful. However, research evidence shows that a spouse can make a great exercise partner even when one is more enthusiastic about exercise than the other, with benefits such as improved health, better sleep, more energy, and improved emotional health. A study performed at Duke University also found that when one spouse improves his or her health behavior, the other is likely to do so as well.

Involving Everyone

The gym is not for everyone. If you despise gardening, asking your spouse to go to the gym could feel like when he/she asks you to garden. So, rather than pull your spouse into your territory build family relationships is through wholesome recreational activities that you can enjoy as a family. Your 10 year-old son may not like going to Yoga or Spin with you; however, he would thrive in family time spent going on a walk or riding a bike to the park. The physical and emotional benefits of this type of atmosphere far outweighs the benefits of working out alone. Here are some ideas to get your whole family involved in physical activity together:

  • Set a goal such as participating in a specific event together that you can work towards and bring purpose to your activities.
  • Encourage specific talents in family members by learning something they enjoy.
  • Make a family goal to try something new and never done before every month.
  • Start slow and encourage a family activity just once a week for a short period of time. If your children are young, it may just last for one game of tag.
  • Don’t think of it as exercise, just physical activity. Stressing about how hard you’re working will ruin the fun for everyone. If you’re worried about getting your exercise in for the day, work out at a different time on your own.
  • The goal is just to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, being successful requires a fun and enjoyable atmosphere so family members will want to do it again.

Encouraging improved family relationships as well as physical activity may take a long time – maybe even years; however, if you want to lead by example maybe you should think about a home gym -check out this review on the Bodycraft Xpress.

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