5 Stresses Single Parents Understand

Whether you’ve been a single parent from the beginning, divorced or in the process of separating, raising a child alone is certainly an extremely stressful responsibility. The demands of parenting are often hard to handle even with someone else’s help. You’re not alone. Every parent finds themselves daydreaming about a financially stable lifestyle where they can give their babies everything they deserve. The following list contains stresses single parents face and some tips for relief.

Financial Instability

The cost of raising a child paired with the expense of living keeps your mind constantly buzzing. You might find yourself doubling up on jobs and seeking at-home work opportunities to cover rent. Whether you’re receiving child support or not, having a handle on finances is crucial. Carefully budget your money for present spending and plan for future costs, like college and medical bills. Make use of coupons and refunds.

The Support System

Of course, stress affects your relationship with other people, even your child. Dating will be met with hesitance. Keep in touch with friends who listen well. Yet, in spite of having a base of support, sometimes you’ll feel isolated and unsure. This is especially prevalent when getting a divorce. Luckily, there are advisement services to help with your divorce in Holladay, UT and elsewhere and get you headed down a successful path.

Chaotic Routine

Single parenting means bedlam from dawn to dusk. Your schedule is undoubtedly crammed. Making meals, preparing for school and work, commuting, dealing with visitation and custody issues, finding time to do household chores and running errands compound into an enormous burden. Again, this is where planning and reaching out to those supporting you can relieve some of the strain. Try to create a flexible schedule, meal plan for the week and utilize to-do lists.

Playing Both Roles

Raising children means worrying over another’s physical and mental health and development. You’ll yourself fretting over how your child is doing socially, about the effects of your lifestyle on them, and how to fit into certain roles. A single mother might not know how to advise her son on dating, and a father raising a daughter alone will surely be at a loss during the teenage years.

Me Time

Above all else, you’ll have little time to recharge or relax. Gone are the days of enjoying hobbies. Parenthood reduces the time for self-reflection down to those seconds prior to falling asleep. For the sake of sanity, never feel ashamed for seeking personal enrichment and reflection. Self-care is vital to minimizing stress.

Single parenting is a true test of grit. Don’t give in to the strain. Focus on what you can do today, give time to yourself and your child. Don’t doubt yourself. Stay calm, practice discipline and patience, and your kid(s) will proudly follow in your footsteps.

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