No one standing before a minister in a church full of people watching their wedding thinks they will ever get divorced. They just promised the Lord that they would love, honor and obey the one they love and they actually mean it. Many things can chip away at the love they feel for each other until nothing is left. These are four warning signs to look for.

1. Money

Money breaks up more marriages than infidelity. Some people focus on nothing but money. Other people live outside their means, leaving a spouse to worry about the bills. Some put food on the table and pay the mortgage, but the power gets cut off because there is nothing left. The spouse usually shoulders the burden. One day the burden becomes too large and they need to contact a divorce attorney in Milwaukee or an attorney in your local area. The love might still be there, but sometimes money is more important than love unfortunately.


2. Bullying

When a partner is a bully, the spouse can do nothing right. Voices get raised, people stomp out of rooms, self-esteem is attacked to the point the spouse wonders if s/he is sexy anymore or if s/he really is worthless. The spouse becomes isolated. When the spouse notices, it’s usually too late. The marriage is over because there is no mutual respect or trust. Abuse takes many forms, but emotional abuse is just as deadly as physical abuse and must be stopped.

3. Sex

People don’t talk about it in polite society much, but sex or the lack thereof breaks up marriages, too. One spouse might have a low sex drive while the other has an overactive libido. Perhaps both have perfectly normal sex drives, but one thinks “getting” it is a badge of honor, while the other wants the spiritual bond that comes with two people in love. Perhaps the sex life is just great but sort of dies out over the years. Some try to revive it, others just let it go. The love life of a couple is the way they celebrate the love. If the celebration is not important anymore, it’s time for a change.

4. Suspicion

S/he deletes a page on the computer when the spouse walks into the room. Texts get erased before the spouse can see them. Someone hangs up when the spouse answers the land line. Suspicion can break up a marriage and is something to look out for.

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