4 Signs Divorce is Best Thing for the KidsWhile most couples try to avoid even considering divorce as an option, there are others who begin to believe that separation is the best choice for the entire family and especially the children. There are a few cases in which this might actually be the case and it is time to look for affordable divorce lawyers and part ways.


1. The animosity is causing too much tension in the home. Children can sense that their parents are not loving and caring parents, even if most of the arguing occurs behind closed doors. In a home like this, resentment replaces the love that once created the family. In the end, children are happier with parents who are happy and who do not spend every waking moment picking each other apart. A miserable family is not a model of love.


2. When parents spend so much time trying to solve problems that they disengage from the entire family, this is a problem. Parents who are withdrawn and no longer communicate are damaging their children, who need full support and attention. There is no hope for friendship or intimacy in these situations, and children are fully capable of sensing this. This is a form of family neglect that children should not have to endure.


3. It may be time to talk about separation or divorce when both parents find themselves putting the children in the middle of fights. This includes asking them if they have chosen a side or talking badly about the other parent in front of the child. Children are much happier and relaxed in environments lacking this sort of tension.


4. If there is any sort of physical, verbal or emotional abuse going on in the home, it is essential to remove the child from the situation. No child should be forced to endure pain and abuse at the hands of his or her parents. Children should also not have to witness one parent being abused by the other, whether it is physical, verbal or emotional.


Making the decision to divorce is often an agonizing one that takes considerable though and discussion. Divorce can hurt children but there are some situations in which it actually improves their quality of life. The best way to protect children from the harsh realities that come along with divorce is to find a way to settle arguments in mediation or court with affordable divorce lawyers and no children present.

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