It’s a slippery slope that leads to actual hoarding and an intervention from family and friends. How do you know when you’re heading down a dangerous hoarding path leading to stacked hallways and overflowing living rooms? Hoarders apply deep significance and meaning to ordinary items. They are filled with anxiety and despair when they think of having to get rid of any of their items. Family members might evern need to step in and hire a company with dumpster services in Cleveland Ohio to clean their home. Here are some steps you can take so it doesn’t ever have to come to family intervention.



1. Keeping Clothing

If you have a wardrobe full of clothing that you don’t wear, it might be time to assess whether you’re on the road to hoarding. This doesn’t mean a few summer outfits that you’re hoping to lose weight to fit into next year. It means stacks and stacks of clothing that overflow the closet. It means bags of clothing in the garage, basement or other rooms of the home.


2. Storage Overflow

When storage overflows from garage or basement to other rooms in the home, it’s time to figure out if your behavior has an underlying cause. If it makes you anxious to throw out, donate or sell things, that’s a sign of a stronger issue. Hoarders often feel safer with a lot of items around them that they don’t actually need but think they will at a later date.


3. Broken Items

Broken appliances and useless items that should be thrown away but clutter up living spaces could be a sign of hoarding especially if the idea of throwing them away fills you with dread. If items are beyond repair, and you are keeping them because you can’t bear to throw them away, it might be a sign of a hoarding disorder.


4. Car Becomes Storage

When the garage is full to overflowing, you’ll look for more places to store items. The car is the next step and if the problem has gone that far, there might be a problem with hoarding. Keeping an extra pair of shoes in the car is good planning in case of emergency. If you keep a wardrobe in your trunk and backseat, that’s a problem. You could hire a company that specializes in dumpster services in Cleveland Ohio to clean out the storage areas before they get too overstuffed with items.


5. Magazines and Newspapers

Stacks and stacks of magazines are a sure sign of hoarding. Unless there is a significance to the newspaper, like a family member or friend being mentioned in it, there is no reason to keep the paper.



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