The challenge that every addict faces after drug rehab is staying sober. It is never easy to return to the stress and circumstances of everyday life without being tempted to participate in the drug culture that got you in trouble in the first place. Knowing how to handle different situations that will test your resolve to stay sober is an important step towards ensuring continued sobriety and good health.

Tip #1. Avoid people and places that you associate with drug use.

Finding a new group of friends that share your commitment to health and that do not use drugs is important for your success. While it is not easy to find a whole new group of friends immediately, it is important to realize that there are many other recovering addicts in the same boat you are in and that are also looking to connect with like-minded people like you. If your old group contacts you, you need to be upfront that you have decided to sober up and won’t be participating in that type of behavior anymore. If the one thing you had in common was your use of drugs or love of alcohol, there is no reason to be in contact with these people anymore.

Tip #2. Learn to deal with temptations.

Rehab programs provide advice about how to manage life on the outside. Anytime you come across a temptation, visual what you learned in your womens drug rehab center. Remembering that advice when you start thinking about using again will help you shift the focus off of drugs to something more positive and productive. Getting busy when thoughts of using start to surface proves to be an excellent way to bypass the boredom and loneliness that can play a part in relapse.

Tip #3. Commit to a regular exercise program.

Exercise provides many benefits that will eliminate the urge to use drugs. Regular exercise for three days a week or more provides many benefits such as improving mood and relieving stress. People who have used drugs also suffer from the negative impacts the drugs had on their body. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a great way to minimize those negative effects and become strong again.

Tip #4. Plan for cravings.

Knowing exactly how you will handle strong urges to relapse can help keep you sober. Going to a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting is an excellent way to get support when you feel tempted.

Tip #5. Stay busy working or volunteering.

People that are busy are less likely to use. Since boredom and depression can contribute to relapse, it is important to get out of the house and do something meaningful. If you can’t find a job, get out and volunteer or spend time with friends or family. Spending time around positive influences is a great way to stay sober. Not only will you feel happy and positive, but they will help support you in your journey to recovery.

Tip #6. Build a support system.

Many addicts join NA to get the regular support necessary to stay sober. Even if you don’t join a well known group, you will still need to build a support system. Find a sponser who has been through the same thing, but who has been sober for years. They will be able to give you strength and advice when you feel low because they have been through it all themselves. Having good family and friends can also be a great influence and support.

Staying off drugs is a challenge for anyone that has struggled with addiction. Utilizing the tips mentioned above can make all the difference. Recovering addicts choose health over drugs every day. Sobriety gets easier over time, you can do it!


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