Alzheimer’s disease has plagued humanity for probably centuries. It is a chronic neurodegenerative disease which eventually makes a person of no use, completely lost and unaware of themselves. A new drug trial that some researchers are calling the most promising yet in the fight against Alzheimer’s suggests it may be possible to clear the brain of the amyloid protein that is characteristic of the disease. Scientists have struggled to find an Alzheimer’s treatment for decades. But a new study has shown some extremely promising results which show that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunny. One scientist, who was part of this years-long study, has said that it’s the best news regarding Alzheimer’s treatment in 25 years.

The study revolves around a drug called  Aducanumab, which targets to remove the basic protein which grows inside brain, and eventually causes Alzheimer’s and dementia. The drug is made by famous pharmaceutical company Biogen. The study was started with 165 patients, to whom Aducanumab  was given. With the passage of time, some positive results started to come out as scientists saw that strong doses Aducanumab were clearly healing the disease. But the higher doses resulted in some side effects, like headache, due to which around 40 patients decided to drop out of the study.

But scientists are not giving up. They think they are close to finding a treatment for Alzheimer’s.  They are now recruiting 2,700 people who are suffering from very early stages of the disease for a new, and crucial phase, Phase 3, of the study.

Most of the scientists and experts, who are not part of the said study think that the results are overwhelmingly positive, as this is the first time that a drug has managed to stop the development of amyloid protein in the brain, the real cause of Alzheimer’s. For ten years, there have been no drug licensed to be sold in the market for Alzheimer’s. But after this study, we might be close to getting a treatment of the dreadful disease that has made millions of people around the world suffer.

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