Why Your Family Should Make Mental Health a Priority

Because mental health is important for people of all ages and affects those around you, making mental health a priority in your family is beneficial to everyone. Approximately 25% of people will go through a mental health issue at some point in their lives, so statistically, someone in the family will be dealing with mental health problems at any given time. This could be a mother who goes through period of panic attacks or a father who is very stressed out from long hours at the office.

Teenagers also often deal with anger, social anxiety, or eating disorders, and anyone may suffer from depression. Because this can affect anyone, it is important for families to come together and be proactive about the issue to stay healthy as a unit. The issue of mental health is now becoming more widely accepted to talk about in society and people are feeling more confident to conquer their issues head-on.

Helping Children in the Family

Play therapy is a therapeutic method for children that helps them communicate, learn, and grow. When children are going through a difficult time, but cannot talk about it or express their feelings, they need play to process their experiences and demonstrate their feelings while learning new skills. Counseling may be more effective for young children if play is incorporated.

Helping Young Family Members

Young people who suffer from mental health ailments often fall perform poorly in school, lose confidence, and have trouble socializing. While therapy can help this, oftentimes it is either not accessible or children are scared to seek help. Because children can be very vulnerable, it is best for a trusted family member to work with a child who is suffering from mental illness and then introduce a professional who the child can also learn to trust. Luckily you can find counseling services in Sioux Falls and around the US that specialize in counseling children.

Why Start Early

Giving children the best possible start in their lives is essential to their future success. It is very important to provide proper treatment for children in hopes of preventing them from facing adult mental health challenges. It can be difficult for children to cope with the transition from childcare to rigorous adult therapy. It is important to families to not let their children feel rejected by society or isolated, because this often leads to young people dropping out of the school system or therapy just before they are beginning to recover.

Couple Therapy

Children need a solid relationship and strong connection in their parents to look up to. It can be difficult to maintain a strong relationship, and it requires a lot of work. Raising children is challenging and disagreements between parents often arise. It is important to take the proper steps to keep the core relationships in a family strong to show a positive example.

Maintaining a strong family unit takes work, but in the end it is worth it. While mental health is such a widespread problem, taking steps to prevent problems in the future is the best way to keep your family healthy.

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