In many ways, the brain is still a mystery to scientists. They have only begun to scratch the surface of the potential that we can unlock when we utilize the full, awesome power of our brains. If you wish to get the most out of your brain, there are some exercises you can do to harness its power. Here are three ways that you can hack your brain to unlock its awesome potential.

1. Trick Your Brain into Making You Rested with Two Hours of Sleep

Known as the Uberman Sleep Schedule, this is a very old trick that Leonardo Da Vinci was said to do. It was also famously tried by Kramer on an episode of Seinfeld. You can do this brain hack by sleeping 20 minutes every four hours. That adds up to only 2 hours of sleep a day.

If you rigorously stick to this sleep schedule, you will actually feel more refreshed than sleeping the traditional way of eight hours straight. The key to this trick is that the brain instantly goes into REM sleep when you take the 20-minute naps. This means you get the maximum benefit out of every moment you are asleep.

2. Take Control of Your Dreams

If the Uberman Sleep Schedule seems a little too extreme for you, there is another sleep trick you may want to try instead. Known as lucid dreaming, this technique allows you to have complete control over everything that happens in your dreams. Whether you want to fly like Superman or hook up with the person of your dreams, you can do anything you want with lucid dreaming.

You start the lucid dreaming process by keeping a dream journal. Write down everything you can remember from your dreams right when you wake up. Next, think about what you wish to dream about right before you fall asleep. When you combine these two techniques together, you will find that you are having lucid dreams before you know it.

3. Create a False Memory

Our memories are much faultier than we imagine. In fact, research has shown that most memories people have from their childhoods are either significantly different than actual events or completely made-up. You can trick your brain into thinking that you remember something that actually never happened.

Hypnos and Thanatos, Sleep and His Half-Brothe...

Hypnos and Thanatos, Sleep and His Half-Brother Death, an 1874 painting by John William Waterhouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All you need to do is to get a friend or family member and make up a story of a memory that never happened. Photographs are especially useful. If you tell a believable story and don’t let on that it isn’t real, the chances are good that their brain will be fooled into creating a memory of an event that never actually took place.
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