The battle between brand name products and generic products is a never-ending one. Even when it comes to prescription medications, patients have trouble deciding between the popular ones and the no-name drugs. Is it worth spending the extra money for the brand name? How do generic drugs stand up to the brand name ones? Which one is the better buy? If you never cared for brand name prescriptions, sticking to generic ones might just be the better idea.

Worth the Savings Generic vs. Brand Name Prescriptions

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Generics Are Just as Effective

According to the FDA, there is no apparent difference between the effectiveness of brand name and generic drugs on patients. Many studies have concluded that generic drugs do their intended job just fine. There’s no need to spend extra on the brand name versions.

The Same Quality and Performance Is Expected from Generics

The FDA requires that differences between generic prescription drugs and brand name prescription drugs be minimal. They have set certain limits on the variability that can occur between the two during mass production–and those limits are very small. Everything from the active ingredient and potency to the dosage amount and the form of dosage must be constant between generics and brand names.

Generics Are Less Expensive

Generics undergo and pass the exact same tests as brand name prescriptions. They just aren’t tested as rigorously. That is the primary reason for the differences in price between the two. Generic prescriptions typically cost between 80% and 85% less than their brand name counterparts. When both will work, why spend more on the more expensive one?

The FDA Tracks Generic Drug Issues and Addresses Concerns

Generic drugs might not be tested as rigorously as brand name drugs, but they’re always closely watched by the FDA. The FDA encourages users to report anything out of the ordinary. Cases where generic drugs have failed to remedy symptoms or caused uncomfortable side-effects are monitored so that modifications can be made to those drugs. If certain prescriptions are considered unsafe for the public, they may be eliminated from circulation.

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When it comes to prescriptions medications, brand names might be more trusted, but they’re not always better. In most cases, generic prescriptions are considered to be just as good as brand name prescriptions. They are definitely worth the savings.

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