Slipping and falling at work is more common than you might think, and the impact on your life may be more severe and profound than you may initially assume. You may slip and fall in any type of work environment regardless of your position. Wet floors are one of the most common causes of a fall, but you also could be injured by slipping on recently waxed floors, icy sidewalks. You could even trip on uneven surfaces or foreign objects laying on the ground. A closer look at the impact of this type of event is crucial.

Potentially Serious Injuries

Young children fall down numerous times each day, and they bounce back up without a problem in most cases. When adults fall, extra body weight, falling from a greater height and even general body condition all can result in more significant injuries. These may range from broken bones and large bruises to pulled muscles, head injuries and more. These injuries may take weeks, months or longer to recover from. As damaging as these injuries can be on the employee’s health, the employer also must struggle to fill in the gaps while the employee is recuperating.

The Financial Impact

Because a slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries in some cases, the financial impact can be severe. Medical expenses may accumulate from an emergency room visit, surgery, follow-up care, rehabilitation or therapy, medication and more. Time off of work to recuperate may result in lost wages, and this can create serious financial stress for the worker and his or her family. There is also a financial impact to the business. For example, the injured party may hire a personal injury lawyer and sue for compensation to pay for medical bills and other related expenses. Legal expenses and a potential ruling against the business can result in significant financial loss.

The Impact on Your Career

Some workplace injuries are so severe that the employee is permanently disabled and unable to continue in the same line of work. You may have to take so much time off of work to recover that your skill set becomes obsolete or outdated. There may also be a stigma associated with hiring you if the case draws significant media attention.

You can see that a workplace injury like this can have significant consequences for you as well as for the employer. Both the employee and the employer should take reasonable steps to prevent hazards from developing and to identify them before an accident occurs.

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