Volunteer for Health Five Studies You Can Be Paid to Participate InThere are many studies that compensate participants. Some can be found online, and others require frequent on-site presence. All legitimate research groups, whether medical or marketing researchers, require pre-screening. None require payment by the participant and often you can be paid for your time and participation. If you are looking to add your voice to more studies and become actively involved in a problem or scientific discovery consider these research facilities that can help you to further new discoveries.


Women’s Studies

In New Jersey, the Women’s Health Research Center, is a center developing new techniques for science-backed healthcare for women, and advertises several clinical trials. Including oral birth control testing, vaginal atrophy studies and more. If you suffer from anything to do with these types of problems look to get treated and advance the medical technology in this field.


Brain Studies

If you have an interest in the brain or if you have unique brain conditions, the Chicago, the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University lists numerous studies ranging from College Experiences, to Brain Development, to Social Self. You can find many interesting studies here and participate in research being done. Those who are going for an online bachelors in medical laboratory science can sometimes even gain credit by participating in these kinds of studies.


Market Participation

In California, the Stanford School of Business advertises a number of organizational and marketing studies for which it pays recruits, including online studies. Market Research Paid Surveys has compiled a list of firms that pay for marketing research surveys, and Advanced Focus is one marketing research group that provides ways for people to register when interested in compensation for participation.


Protect Yourself

Your participation can help further scientific and market research and there are multiple places paying recruits for research. Many are online, but stay safe and make sure you are protecting yourself when applying. Ask questions like if it’s medical research, a consent form should be required detailing risks and mitigations. If there is no form, ask why not. If you qualify for medical research because you’re suffering from a condition, ask your doctor whether it’s advisable to participate. There’s no better way to help others than to participate in research if advisable. Ask up-front about compensation. Just as you would never take a job if the pay were insufficient, no way should you become involved in a research study if the compensation doesn’t cover your expenses. Ask whether the compensation is in the form of cash, a gift card, or redeemable coupon. All are possible. If on-site, calculate the distance, gas expenses, and other considerations before deciding.


Working as a compensated research subject can be tough but rewarding work. You can advance science, and help others or build a resume for college or a job. Just remember to protect yourself by asking as many up-front questions as are important to you.

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