Unique Options For A Career In Healthcare If You Aren't Interested In Being A Doctor Or Nurse

Healthcare education opens the door to many different career paths. While many students that are studying health science will go on to become nurses or doctors, there are others that will take alternative career paths. There are a wide range of careers available to students that don’t want to take traditional job opportunities. These are six unique options available to those who aren’t interested in being doctors or nurses.

Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

An occupational health and safety specialist is responsible for ensuring that a work environment is safe for employees. These specialists examine anything from chemical levels in the work environment to placement of equipment to ensure that health hazards and risks are eliminated.


Pharmacists are employed to not only aid in the transaction of over-the-counter medications, but to also advise patients of side effects, prevent possible drug interactions, and more. Pharmacists commonly work in drug stores, major pharmaceutical labs, and many other places.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Medical billing and coding is a great career for anyone that wants to work in healthcare, but isn’t crazy about getting up, close, and personal with patients. A medical billing and coding specialist works to translate physician notes and documents into an organized format using a computer. These specialists are also responsible for correctly identifying medical conditions and diagnoses for use by insurance companies.

Senior Residential Community Manager

These types of managers are often in charge of overseeing operations within senior residential communities. A master’s degree in aging online or business administration can easily qualify an individual for this position. While strong skills in managing people and processes is required, the individual is almost always required to possess a background in aging education.

Healthcare Business Manager

Healthcare business management is a great career choice for anyone that loves to innovate and help others. For example, you could manage a business that manufactures medical equipment for hospitals. There are many different routes for people who choose this healthcare route.

Medical Office Assistant

Lastly, the medical office assistant is a common alternative career choice in healthcare. These individuals are responsible for ensuring the medical office runs smoothly. The MOA will spend a lot of their time filing records, creating appointments, admitting patients, purchasing equipment and supplies, and much more.

You aren’t simply limited to merely becoming a nurse or doctor if you want to pursue work in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is powered by many different types of people and jobs, and they are equally important to the overall field itself.

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