woman_negative_pregnancy_testWhen couples have difficulty getting pregnant, they can begin to feel frustrated and hopeless. Taking an assertive and proactive approach can help you to find out whatever problems are at fault and help to correct them so that you can start your family. Because so many factors can affect fertility and the ability to conceive, you should be sure to ask your Sugar Land Ob Gyn about these particular aspects of your reproductive health.

Ask Questions About Your Menstrual Cycle

Each woman’s menstrual cycle occurs different and may affect the ability to conceive. Have a record of your last 6 cycles so that your physician can accurately assess the likelihood of ovulation and whether the irregularity of your cycles is inhibiting your ability to get pregnant. You can also discuss the type of contraception you have been using and whether it may be delaying conception.

Consider Getting Fertility Testing

Couples who are trying to get pregnant should be tested to ensure that their general health is good and to treat any conditions that might be affecting their fertility. However, more specific fertility testing should also be done to ensure that ovulation is occurring regularly and other facets of the reproductive process are functioning normally. Your partner should also be tested to ensure that both parties are healthy and able to conceive.

Find Out if Your Lifestyle Is Preventing Conception

A number of lifestyle habits can play a part in inhibiting the ability to conceive. Your doctor may advise you or your partner to change your diet, drink less coffee, increase your exercise or change the type of underwear you normally wear. Though you may not think these small actions can make a difference in your fertility, they can often mean the difference between successful conception and delay in starting a family.

Ask About the Medications You Take Regularly

Some medications can have a detrimental effect on fertility. Ensure that your physician knows all the medications that you and your partner are taking. This list should also include any supplements or herbs you take on a regular basis.

Get A Referral To A Fertility Specialist

If your Sugar Land Ob Gyn believes that you may require the help of a fertility specialist to achieve your goal of a family, he or she will provide a list of a number of reputable physicians with which they have worked. These specialists have knowledge of the many techniques used to assist successful conception, such as medications to increase ovulation, in vitro fertilization, egg freezing and other methods.

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