Are you getting ready for a breast augmentation surgery? The procedure can be exciting to undergo, but it can also put a lot of stress on the patient. Good planning before the procedure can not only help you deal with the pain and discomfort after the surgery but also reduce it to an extent and keep you calm and composed through the procedure and the recovery period.

Given below are tips to help you prepare for the procedure and reduce some of the physical and psychological stress afterwards. However, before you read them you should keep in mind that your doctor’s advice trumps all the tips you can find online. Follow the doctor through the procedure and the recovery period, and you will feel better in no time.

a. Make arrangements for travelling and to and from the clinic or hospital where the breast augmentation is being performed. Inform the people concerned, and if possible get a friend or relative to take you to the clinic and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours post procedure.

b. Make arrangements for taking care of your children during the hospital stay and a few days after your discharge, if you have children. Prepare some quick and long-lasting food ahead of time. This will be useful for your children and you as well. Delegate your home and work responsibilities so you can take rest for as much as possible back home.

c. Ask your doctor about the medicines to be taken after the surgery and get the prescription filled beforehand. If you cannot do that, at least make arrangements with a nearby pharmacists so that you get your medicines as per the schedule.

d. Do not drive, exercise heavily, or have sex during the immediate period back home after being discharged from the hospital; your doctor will tell you when it is safe to do these activities after evaluating your condition.

e. Make a list of things to carry with you for the surgery. Keep the list short and pack everything up a little beforehand. In general, you need to carry some light clothes, identification, and a small bag for paperwork and medicines.

f. If you are a smoker, reduce it or stop it entirely at least a week before the scheduled date of the surgery, and keep away from the habit for at least a few weeks afterwards. Tell your doctor if you smoke.

g. You should also tell your doctor if you are taking herbs, supplements, or some other medicines a week before the surgery schedule. Certain drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin cause bleeding issues during the surgery and the recovery process. If your doctor tells you to avoid certain medicines for a few weeks, do it.

h. Start eating a healthy diet and keep your alcohol consumption down a little or stop completely before your procedure. Alcohol can cause severe problems during the procedure.

i. Exercise is great, but lower the intensity of your workouts at least a few days before your augmentation procedure is scheduled.

j. Avoid all food and drinks, including water, 12 hours before the procedure is scheduled; you should also take the time to wash and shower your surgical areas with antimicrobial soap. Avoid wearing any makeup, even if it is just a moisturizing lotion.

Williams is a guest blogger, who mostly writes health related articles. He particularly writes more on women health and more interested in educating women on preparing themselves for major surgeries like breast augmentation procedures, skin tightening and laser hair removal.

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