Knowing your blood type is important for every person. While this knowledge could save lives in a medical emergency, many people live their lives without knowing it. Read on for four reasons you need to know what blood type you have.

If You Become Pregnant

A mother that doesn’t have the same blood type as her baby may run the risk of developing an incompatibility with the baby’s blood. This can result in the mother’s body sending antibodies to attack the baby’s blood cells. This condition, known as hemolytic anemia, is very dangerous for the health of the baby. Moreover, if you have children, it is a good idea to be aware of all of your family members’ blood types. During emergencies when family members have sustained life-threatening injuries, doctors will look to the closest of kin for blood donations. If you already know your whole family’s blood types, you’ll be able to make the situation go more smoothly.

Using IV Pumps during a Transfusion

In the event that you need an immediate blood transfusion, it can take doctors too long to find out what type of blood you have. If you already know, they’ll be able to use an IV pump to transfuse the right type of blood for you. If you receive an incompatible type, your body’s blood may start clotting, resulting in a life-threatening situation.

If You Are Donating Blood

Regardless of your reasoning behind giving blood, you may not be eligible for donating at certain times if you aren’t aware of your blood type. In the event of a major emergency, when hospitals are requesting large donations of certain types of blood, it is a good idea to already know your blood type to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible.

To Determine Your Risk of Certain Conditions

Certain blood types are prone to particular genetic conditions. Depending on your blood type, you may be more likely to develop blood clots, have low fertility, develop heart disease, stomach cancer, various stress-related conditions, and more. Having an idea of your blood type will allow you to take better care of your health.

While knowing your blood type isn’t something that comes up on a regular basis, it is something important to keep in mind. If you don’t know your blood type, now is a good a time as any to find out.

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