When you visit the doctor, one of the first things they do, after you’ve read all the old magazines in the waiting room, is take your blood pressure. That is because blood pressure is a key vital sign and one of the most useful ways to measure your general health as well as specific conditions.

For some patients, it may be necessary to monitor blood pressure at home, in addition to visits to the doctor’s office. This allows patients (and their doctors) with certain conditions to keep a closer eye on their health. It also lets patients track their progress and get immediate feedback to help them learn how activities and lifestyle choices affect their blood pressure. It also eliminates something called the “white coat effect.”

For many people, visiting the doctor can be an unpleasant experience. Just walking in the door can cause anxiety, which in turn causes blood pressure to rise. This, of course, can lead to inaccurate readings when the nurse takes the patient’s blood pressure, and that makes it difficult for the doctor and patient to make good decisions.

Other people, even if they don’t suffer from the “white coat effect,” may be living with chronic hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, struggling with weight loss, or other conditions. All of these conditions, and many others, make more frequent blood pressure monitoring a good idea. Many doctors ask that the patient not only monitor their blood pressure, but record and track the results.

Today, there are many affordable and easy-to-use digital blood pressure monitors for use at home. Simple, digital operation makes it easy to be sure you are performing the test correctly and getting an accurate reading. Models also come with a log book to make it easy to track results, and a digital memory that lets you store your results.

More advanced units can also link to a home computer and generate reports that can be printed to review with your doctor during your next visit.

Today’s home digital blood pressure monitors make it easy for you to keep a close eye on your health, and not worry about the white coats making your blood pressure go up.

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