The medical industry is constantly evolving, and scientists are constantly discovering new ways of combating diseases. Cancer, and in particular Mesothelioma, is one of these diseases with new treatment methods. Below are the descriptions of new non-conventional treatments making cancer patients regain good levels of vitality.


1. Aromatherapy


As a form of complimentary therapy, aromatherapy is useful for the holistic wellbeing of mesothelioma patients. Although it does not offer a permanent cure for the cancer, it enables patients to live manageable lives when they use it in conjunction with other therapies. It works by stimulating the patients’ senses to induce calm and reduce anxiety. It is a fact that relaxed patients are better able to bear their illness that agitated ones. It is also useful in alleviating symptoms of chemotherapy, for example, fatigue and nausea. It should be noted, however, that patients respond differently to aromatherapy, and it should only be done in consultation with a qualified physician.


2. Craniosacral Therapy


Conventional treatment for mesothelioma cancer often produces painful symptoms for patients. For those who do now wish to use many different prescription drugs to alleviate this pain, the use of craniosacral therapy is a welcome alternative. It involves the manipulation and massage of the spinal and cranial bones. It is performed by osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists, among other professionals. Proponents of this form of therapy point to its stress relieving abilities as its major benefit.


3. Art Therapy


Art therapy is a recognized way of managing physical as well as emotional imbalances. The American Art Therapy Association popularized it three or four decades ago, and there are even college degree programs for art therapy these days. With regard to mesothelioma, it helps patients to come to terms with their afflictions. Contrary to popular beliefs, patients do not need to be artistic to benefit from art therapy. It involves a form of self expression that enables cancer patients to deal with their fears, stress and anxiety.


4. Herbal and Nutritional Supplements


Even in people not suffering from mesothelioma, the use of herbal and nutritional supplements increases general wellbeing. For those who have the disease, specific herbal supplements are used to strengthen the immune system and to increase the general health condition. Moreover, the traditional treatment of cancer (chemotherapy) reduces protein and iron levels in the body, and supplements that contain these minerals should be taken to boost cell resistance. Other supplements that have proven beneficial to mesothelioma patients include Vitamins A, C and E, and Selenium. It is ideal for these to be obtained through one’s diet but if that is not possible, nutritional supplements should be used.


5. Biofeedback


One of the toughest parts of dealing with experimental treatments for mesothelioma cancer is the associated pain. Biofeedback is used to guide patients to link their mind and body in order to control their physical pain with their minds. It is practiced in different forms such as electroencephalogram (EMG), electroencephalogram (EEG), temperature biofeedback as well as galvanic skin response training. All these treatment plans should be administered by practitioners well versed in the practice. Many medical/cancer centers have qualified personnel who offer these services.



Joe Belluck is an independent health researcher and freelance writer. He is currently researching Gene Therapy for cancer. He writes for various online health publications.

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