There are many diseases and ailments that you can experience during your life, but there is one kind that nobody wants to be a part of cancer. Cancer is so serious and the treatments so severe that just hearing that you might have cancer can change your life forever. While doctors have been researching cancer and trying to find better treatments and solutions they still haven’t found an easy answer. The truth is, if you have cancer then you most likely have a very hard road ahead of you. One cancer that only men can get is prostate cancer. You can never be properly prepared to hear that you have cancer, but if you keep up on prostate cancer news and learn all that you can about the cancer you might be less worried. Learning about the symptoms, causes, risk factors and complications of prostate cancer will help you before you ever have that appointment.


Over the years there have been many men go through life having prostate cancer without ever even realizing it. It is believed that around 80% of men have lived to a ripe old age and passed away while having prostate cancer. They never knew about it and neither did their doctor. There are some symptoms, however, that you can keep in mind and if you ever experience any you should get to the doctor right away. Some of the signs and symptoms that you may experience are trouble urinating, urine containing blood, semen containing blood, swelling legs, bone pain and pain in your pelvic area. Don’t ignore any of these signs or symptoms and let your doctor know as soon as possible.


The causes of prostate cancer are pretty unclear. All that doctors know is that the cancer starts when cells in the prostate become abnormal. The mutations that are inside the DNA of the abnormal cells grow and divide even more quickly than the normal cells do. The abnormal cells that accumulate eventually form a tumor that grows and invades the nearby tissue. Some of the abnormal cells break off and effect other nearby body parts.

Risk Factors

Just like with all cancers there are a few factors that may increase your chances of getting prostate cancer. Obese men, black men, older men and those that have family members with prostate cancer are at a higher risk of getting the cancer themselves. While this doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to get prostate cancer it is a good idea to be screened throughout your life to make sure you catch the cancer in the early stages if it is found at all.


If just having the cancer isn’t bad enough there are some complications that can come along with it. If you have prostate cancer it can spread very easily and quickly to other organs or into your bloodstream and even into your bones. If this happens you may be able to treat and perhaps control the cancer but after reaching this stage it can never be removed entirely. According to current prostate cancer news, incontinence is another complication that you may experience along with the cancer. There are few different treatment options, but it depends on the type that you have and how severe it is.

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