Injured on the Clock How to Secure Disability Benefits

If you have experienced an injury on the job and are no longer able to work, you have the legal right to apply for disability in order to collect payments from the government. The process of filing for disability can be a long and drawn out process. Here are a few steps you need to take in order to obtain benefits.

One: Apply for Your Benefits As Quickly As Possible

Make sure you apply for your disability payments as quickly as possible. The witnesses who saw your accident can provide the best information immediately after the event. Your physicians must testify that your injuries will lead to long-term disability or death. According to a Milwaukee disability lawyer, certain family members may also receive aid from your Social Security benefits as well.

Two: Collect Your Documents For the Officials

You will need to have an assortment of documents, including a record of the places you have worked in the past 15 years along with your yearly income. Keep every medical document that you receive from therapists, surgeons and pharmacists to show that your disability request is valid. Each document requires a date, address and telephone number to show when an injury occurred and the treatments that were provided.

Three: Seek Legal Assistance With the Process

The application for state or federal disability payments is complex, and if you fail to submit the correct documentation, then it is possible that the authorities will deny your request. An attorney can respond quickly to any questions from authorities and will also understand the correct times to submit information.

Four: Remain In Contact With a Representative

The representative that you hire will need to continue collecting information for your claim because there is a backlog of applicants. In some cases, it can take as long as eight months to receive approval, and during this time, you can provide additional medical information to the authorities.

Five: Choose a Representative Payee

If you have a brain injury or mental impairment that has disrupted your cognitive abilities, then the authorities will require a representative payee to manage your financial affairs. A relative or friend is the most common choice as a representative because they will not charge a fee for this service.

In the United States, the Social Security Administration is responsible for disability payments, and each state has offices where you can apply for benefits. The amount of the benefits varies for each recipient and is determined by a complicated formula. Make sure you contact a professional if you are not aware of procedures in order to avoid mistakes and lost time.

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