How You Can Save Money After Bring InjuredA serious injury can cause a financial hardship, especially if it prevents you from working for a significant period of time. Finding ways to save money while you are out injured can help you stay out of financial trouble.

Cut out extras

If you are injured seriously enough to not be able to work, it probably means you won’t be able to work out, either. To save money, then, you can drop any gym memberships or personal training sessions you would normally pay for. If you are locked into a contract with a gym, try to negotiate with the business to see if you can take a few months off, then resume your payments when you are able to exercise again and extend your contract to make up for the missed months. You also should look at cutting out any other extras that can save you money, such as limiting movies, concerts and dinners out.

Negotiate medical bills

If your injury has prevented you from working and cut your income, explain your situation to your medical providers. They may be willing to cut your bills or forgive some charges to make it easier for you to pay. You also need to make sure you apply for any government programs for which you might be eligible, such as workmen’s compensation or unemployment. An injury attorney Fort Worth may be able to help you apply for these programs.

Adjust your finances

If your injury will put you under financial pressure for a long period of time, you may have to make major adjustments in you finances. For example, you might want to look into consolidating your credit card debt to get a lower interest rate and reduce the finance charges you pay. Another thing you can do is look into bundling services to cut the rates you pay on things such as cable, Internet and phone. For instance, most companies offer huge discounts if you get your cable, Internet and phone service together. You can also bundle insurance policies to get discounts. You might get your auto, homeowners and even life insurance from the same company to get lower premiums.

Save on energy bills

Another way to save money while you are out injured is to try to save on utility costs. You might turn your thermostat up or down depending on the season to save a few dollars. Adding weather stripping to doors and windows can also save you money on heating and cooling costs.

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